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A day in the life.

It’s 7:06 AM Mountain Time – I woke up about an hour ago.

I will be working for about 6 hours give or take. I have a job where I am sort of all over the place. I sometimes work out in the community, I see patients at their homes, and I work at home or at my office when I have office work to do. 90% of my office work can be done from home, which is nice. I do set a schedule with my office so I need to check it and see what I had planned for today. My schedule is somewhat flexible, especially if we get new patients because they are my priority. I believe I am doing office work from home from 9-10 AM and then I believe I am working out in my community starting at 10 and ending around 12:30. I forget what my plans were after that, so I do need to check my schedule. Over the weekend I remembered something I needed to do today for work. This morning I ate a yogurt for breakfast. I am not too hungry today but I have some bananas, strawberries, almonds, and cottage cheese I could eat later as a snack if I get peckish before lunch.

After work today, I will pick my son up from school and then I need to run to the store for a few things I need. I had shopped for groceries already but a few things popped up during the course of the weekend and I realized there’s a few other things we need. Over the weekend, I found a few random things I need to look through as part of my declutter. I actually think they were forgotten items I was planning to donate, but I need to make sure before I take them and donate them. It was just a random bag of stuff I’d thrown into a box and shoved in my son’s closet. Our house is small so I use my son’s closet to store things. We don’t have many places to tuck stuff away, which until our declutter is over it is really frustrating. Sometimes I feel like our house is too small for the 3 of us but we just need to own less stuff. It seems like a never ending battle. I really need to remove my toe polish too, and I think I may just re-polish with clear nail polish. I have some busy weekends coming up and I need a no frills and easy polish so I don’t feel stressed that I need to remove/re-polish. I think clear polish may be less obvious if it starts chipping and whatnot. The color I am taking off today was actually very long wearing as I’ve had it on my toes for over 2 weeks. I don’t polish my fingernails. Ionly polish my toenails.

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