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Where’d she go?

So I took a brief hiatus, and I think I will be re-branding again. Initially I thought I’d take photos of recipes as I cooked (hence foodie) and also walk you through crafts step by step but after coming up with that plan, I didn’t really follow through and then decided frugal living fit my lifestyle better. Back to the foodie thing for a sec, after January we really haven’t been making many recipes per se but rather grilling plain meats with just some herbs or seasoning blends and then steaming veggies and serving the veggies over brown or jasmine rice. Nothing too crazy. I have been meal prepping a lot when I can and freezing those meals for weeknights. I tried doing some different projects I found online and I’m not sure how much I posted about those, if at all. I tried making my own laundry detergent, making my own ranch dressing, and some other little things I’d read about online including meal prepping. Some worked, some didn’t. So now I am not really wanting to try new things for awhile. I had mentioned snagshout in a previous post but I stopped that as well. Some of the stuff I got towards the end was kind of junkie and cheap and some of the codes didn’t always work. I also think it was too tempting to overspend and I now am trying for the third time to simplify and live a more minimalistic and more simple life. Instead of chasing the next purchase I will only be replacing things I use regularly and I’m already spending a lot less each week on my groceries. On average I’m spending about $30 less a week, which is HUGE! I’m trying to use up things I overbought because I had forgotten I already had one or I’d lost the one I’d had and just gave up looking, etc. I have been sharing something with a lot of people now, about a month ago I had this realization that with regard to impulse purchases I don’t remember the items I’ve walked away from. I remember there being times I walked away in the last several years but funny how I don’t remember what the actual items were! So how bad did I need it?! I couldn’t have needed any of it or else I’d remember what it was. That has helped me a ton. I went grocery shopping today and didn’t buy a single item that was not on my list! It’s been a great 3 weeks and I’m loving getting back to this idea of simplifying. I would love to post here about some of my things I am keeping, as I have decluttered my entire house slowly off and on since January and I really started buckling down these last 3 weeks on my overspending. Hopefully posting about my newest journey will help me to feel more motivated to post at all. I do work part time and I’m a Mom, so even with the new motivation not sure how often I will have the time to devote to my blogging but I will try harder.

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