Improving handwriting by improving your child’s fine motor skills through play.


I was at a parent-teacher about a month ago and overall, my son’s doing great but his handwriting is still a struggle. It is very large and very messy. I told his teacher, trying to get him to practice his penmanship is a huge fight he hates writing. As a rule, he doesn’t like to write and that’s partly the issue. She wanted me to look at improving his fine motor skills through play so I rounded up some ideas I found online that I think he will truly enjoy. The first we did was using a plastic tweezers to place Perler beads on a coaster. I found some Pokemon and Yo Kai Watch patterns on Pinterest, which got him really excited. If your child is struggling with fine motor skills this is a great activity that can be tailored to their interest as I am sure most cartoon’s have patterns on Pinterest. Another idea I came across was using marshmallows or gum drops with toothpicks to build. Your child can make mini snowmen or make buildings. I also read that using cut up straws and pipe cleaners to build will also help with fine motor skills. I decided to purchase a puzzle for my son. I read that puzzles with 50+ pieces will help childrens’ fine motor skills. After speaking to my husband, he also wants me to research activities that’ll help his hand-eye coordination, as my husband thinks that this is my son’s major issue.




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Here is a link for improving hand-eye coordination:


Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/pencil-sharpener-notebook-paper-918449/


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