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Frugal Wedding Planning

I read and it made me inspired me to write about my own frugal wedding.


Frugal DIY weddings are very popular where we live. I don’t regret having a frugal wedding at all, the only thing I regretted was not hiring a photographer. Our family said they would take a lot of photos and give them to us and we even bought disposable cameras for our friends and families to use so we would have a lot of photos (we got married in 2003 and people still used disposable cameras occasionally). Despite this, we only have a few photos. My husband hasn’t heard the end of that because I have stated several times I wish we had splurged on the photographer. So I would suggest if you are a photo person (some people don’t care as much about having photos of themselves) that you hire a photographer. Everything else can be done on the cheap. I walked the aisles of Costco, Michael’s Craft Store, Dollar Tree, and Wal-Mart and grabbed up anything that looked like it’d work. I saved my receipts just in case. I got these cute candy dishes at dollar tree that matched my wedding colors, which were blue and green. Thankfully, my mother-in-law warned me that people use your colors to buy gifts. Initially I wanted to use girly colors but I really didn’t want pink towels. That was wise advice because we did get a few gifts based on our wedding colors. Anyways, I got those cute candy dishes and literally bought them out. I bought every last one. We decided to fill them with jelly bellies because I am all about practicality and who doesn’t love jelly beans?! They were a huge hit, believe it or not. I wrapped some artificial ivy around the dishes and secured it I cut off the excess. For my guest book I found a really pretty jeweled butterfly one online and I got the guest book pen at Wal-Mart. I would actually suggest skipping the guest book or finding a more creative option. I only had a few people sign the guestbook and I ended up just getting rid of it. I’m all about clearing junk and since it didn’t represent all of my guests I considered it a waste. I had bought cute cake-shaped bubbles at a local party store. Any that were leftover I gave to my flower girl. Speaking of my flower girl we found her a cute dress at JC Penney on clearance, my bridesmaids dresses were also from the JCP clearance rack (I think they were prom dresses?, they were very pretty and elegant navy blue dresses). My flower girl’s basket was from Michael’s also on clearance, I think it was $2.00! I bought some little flowers (Michael’s/Wal-Mart) and used leftover ribbon from my invitations to decorate the basket. I used hot glue to glue the decorations into place and made sure to remove any glue strings leftover. I got her artificial petals from Wal-Mart.My cake was relatively inexpensive. I wanted a raspberry filled white cake and I wanted basket weaving made with icing I priced out my cake and bought the cheapest one, I think I only did a 2-tier cake, they also upsold us on an extra matching sheet cake to serve our guests. I got a pretty garden arch from Michael’s it was like $10-15 after our wedding they came down to as low as $7. I rented cardboard columns that had this fake marble look and they had artificial greenery on top and artificial ivy coming down and I stuck those 2 columns on both sides of my arch and we took our photos in front of the arch/columns. As for food we held it at a time most people had eaten lunch already so we had little finger foods all from costco. I remember we had their delicate cream puffs for dessert (in addition to the cake). They were probably around $10-15 and came with a lot of cream puffs and they looked classy. Someone in my husband’s family had made punch for me and brought it, it was very tasty. My husband’s cousin’s wife did my hair and his cousins did my make-up using make-up I already owned. We rented his tux. My dress was a destination wedding dress from Alfred Angelo and was only $200.00 It fit me relatively well and I skipped the alterations. I think alterations were free, but I still opted out. I just felt too busy and really didn’t want to deal with alterations! My shoes were from JC Penney on clearance but I wished I’d picked another pair (I tried on 3 I liked, all on clearance) despite breaking them in for weeks they still caused a blister and I ended up going barefoot for much of my reception. My wedding was held indoors at our church and did not cost anything. I had a friend play the organ for my wedding march. We used traditional vows, I am not a fan of long-winded vows. No offense but many of them sound so full of cheese. I like a very traditional wedding with traditional vows, but to each their own. So there you have it. We spent less than $1,000.00 for all items. excluding my ring set. My husband’s ring was only $5-10 mine was more. I still got the cheapest ring that I liked. It wasn’t some Wal-Mart ring, I didn’t like theirs so I did get it from a jeweler but the set was still relatively inexpensive and I get complimented on it often because it is a very pretty wedding set. My diamond in my engagement ring is small but it’s very clear and not cloudy or yellowy. I’d rather have a small stone that is a quality diamond than have a big one that isn’t as pure looking. So here’s a summary of my tips:

1. Look to Costco for appetizers
2. Shop Dollar Tree, Michael’s, and Wal-Mart and get crafty to make your table centerpieces, flower girl’s basket, etc.
3. Spring for a professional photographer
4. Skip the guestbook
5. Remember even though it’s important, it’s still only 1 day, why go into debt for 1 day of your life?! Spend the money you save to have an enjoyable honeymoon. Also it’s just 1 day so relax and have fun if something goes awry you will laugh about it later!, I promise! 🙂

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