Uniforms in schools.

Now I know many people are pro-uniform. I have never liked the idea of having one. Like anything there are pros and coons to both having and not having uniforms in schools but I personally feel not having uniforms has more pros. Now I was teased a LOT like I was bottom of the popularity pyramid as a kid. I was very tall and  “scrawny” and wore thick bottle cap glasses. If that weren’t bad enough I was very loud and opinionated and I’m quite sure I came off to other kids as a know-it-all type. Now, I do have a sense of humor but when it comes to pranks I am no-nonsense. I am not a prankster so a lot of kids also probably thought I was “no fun.” With that said I had a loud sense of fashion and got teased for my clothes a lot but I would have died inside if my school had enacted a uniform policy growing up. My son, like me, loves to pick out his clothes and he hates collars and button downs unless it’s a button down worn completely unbuttoned over a tank style shirt. Now a child teased for wearing hand me downs still  likely will be wearing hand me downs. Instead of wearing hand me down jeans and hand me down t-shirts they will be wearing hand me down polos and khakis and you better bet hand me down khaki pants will look way worse than hand me down denim! Jeans wear really well, they are the most built to last pants out there and yet are the most inexpensive of all the pants. It’s too bad schools don’t enact a dress code that calls for plain denim with no holes and no worn out knees and a plain t-shirt for example a plain bright blur or plain red t-shirt. But no, school uniforms are always like black, khaki, or navy blue twill pants and some color of polo shirt.

I had heard that my son’s school is considering a uniform and as a parent not only do I feel it stifles a child’s sense of creativity and their sense of style but it also will not be good for my wallet.I buy a lot of tees for $1 each at my local thrift shop. I also shop occasionally at the clearance racks at Target/Wal-Mart as well as at Children’s consignment stores and the sales at The Children’s Place’s website. TCP fits my tall and skinny son the best of any clothing brand as the pieces tend to be long and narrow whereas many other brands are meant for short, chubby kids and drown my son’s long and thin frame, while also being a little too short for him. They just look silly.

In closing I feel uniforms in schools:
1. Are too costly
2. Stifle a child’s sense of style/creativity


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