It’s all about that Play Doh.

My son is almost 8, I hate that he still loves Play Doh so much. He has several sets I got him when he was little. for his 3rd or 4th birthday I got him “bake sets” one has an oven and the other is this contraption you feed it through to make “frosting.” I tried to make it once but I did something wrong and it didn’t turn out correctly. Also, the recipe called for a lot of cream of tartar which is kind of pricey so I decided buying Play Doh was better. Dollar tree sells a knock off but they don’t always have it in stock it does dry out more easily than Play Doh brand, though. In the desert climate we live in Play Doh brand Play Doh keeps easily for a year if not a little past a year before we need to toss it. So here’s my low down on Play Doh:

Where to store it:
I have a tote that doesn’t have a lid. It’s sort of a rectangular shape and it’s sort of tall. It fits perfectly on my son’s closet shelf and he asks me to take it down for him. He can do it as he has a stool but I prefer he ask me t get it for him. I put all the Play Doh accessories as well as the canisters of Play Doh in the tote.
What age is too old?: Apparently one is never too old. I read kids as old as 12 still play with it and ask for more accessories and many parents confess they still enjoy it. (I personally only play along for about 30 minutes and it’s not my favorite thing to do with my son).
What age is too young for Play Doh: Kids that are under 18 mos may still try and eat it. Some kids play with it well at 14-15 mos but some need the extra few months before they stop trying to eat it. I suggest you buy some at 14 mos and if your kid keeps trying to eat it put it away for a month or 2 and try again, keep trying every once and awhile and one day your kid will STOP trying to eat it. 😉
If your kid loves play doh get on Pinterest and look for printables you can print out and use as play mats. I printed some a few years ago for my son and put them in page protectors and taped the page protectors shut. He has one of a tree and one that has flower pots and stems they say make your own tree and make your own flowers, he has some others too, I can’t remember what they are.
Any other questions or comments if you have something relevant you’d like me to add to this I will do so and I will credit you for the added info or the suggestion/question. (So far nobody has made any suggestions quite yet, I will check back.)


Image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/play-doh-plasticine-toys-841826/


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