For the love of colors!

Tell your love story – with your favorite color!

I haven’t had the same favorite color my whole life. The first favorite I remember having was bright yellow. I remember my Mom asking me at the tender age of 4 what color I wanted my room in our new house painted and I asked for yellow later as she excitedly showed me my knew room I burst into tears because I expected her to know that I had envisioned stars painted on the walls as well (even though I never told her), later I started liking purple for much of grade school purple was my favorite color and as an adult, like many females, I liked hot pink and bright shades of pink. I also liked green for awhile, especially like an olive or army green. I stopped liking green when I realized that I look awful in green clothing. Once my son was born I decided I liked bright blue shades a lot. Now I know my grandma on my Mom’s side loved blue and my mom loved soft pink (never been a fan of soft pink myself). Right now I like blue, purple, and pink pretty equally.

Image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/pen-crayon-color-sharp-red-yellow-581881/

I got the idea for this post (content is original to me, the story about my yellow walls is mine alone) from:

“Tell your love story – with your favorite color!” at http://christineeveryday.stfi.re/2016/02/365-blog-post-ideas-that-are-actually-really-interesting/?sf=gojezoo#aa


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