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My Favorite K-Cups

I have tried many K-Cups and these are my faves. I cannot choose between the Gevalia Medium Roast and the Eight O’Clock Original Medium Roast they both are very good. I really don’t like Folger’s and some of the others are too costly because you’re buying the name (examples Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc). I like a lot of the iced teas but this Peach one pictured is on a whole ‘nother level! I really miss Donut Shop coffee had one called Cinnamon Roll I can’t find it anywhere. I did try Donut Shop’s Boston Cream Donut Coffee and it is so fetchin’ gross. They also have another one that has sugar and cream in it already and I didn’t like that either. Plus, I hate when some of these K-Cups make a big mess in that inner tray that I have to clean. The Donut Shop Coffee withe the cream and sugar in it already had made a mess as do the hot chocolates and the cappuccinos. So for Cocoa and Cappuccinos I like to buy the powders and just run a water cycle I also do that for a lot of bagged teas my favorite bagged teas are Bigelow Cranberry Apple Tea and  Twinings Darjeeling Tea. I also like Constant Comment but I don’t drink Constant Comment tea that often. I also don’t mind regular Lipton tea, it’s pretty good too.


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