Grocery Spy Series Week #3

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I skipped a week or three here. Sometimes even with the best of intentions photographing your groceries is not condusive to the rest of your life. One week I was pressed for time already, I had 1 hour to shop and get home and put my groceries away before leaving to pick up my son from school so all my refrigerated stuff was put away before picking him up and the rest I just left out to put away later. Also, I ran into a co-worker at the store and as much as I love him he is a talker. He’s a great guy, though, so I would never rush him. Well I take that back, if I truly needed to get going I would rush him but it all worked out as I got to my son’s school just in the nick of time! Another week, I went shopping with my fam, and my husband probably would think this whole thing is nuts. Maybe he would be right, I’m not sure if any of my readers like this segment. My blog still is so new I am not even sure if I have any readers yet. If I do, please comment. I would love to interact with my readers and post wise I would love to give you what you want. I actually have a lot to post about today and will try to get all my posts written, I may not be able to post them all today but will try! Of all the things I have to write about this is the least impressive so I am doing it first so my funner content is at the top. See, I am smart like that. 😉


Okay so here it is…drum roll please…


So 99% of the time I buy groceries at Wal-Mart and may also go to Costco. I know some are Wal-Mart snobs and prefer a grocery store and Target to Wal-Mart but I like saving money way too much to not shop regularly at Wal-Mart. I have a friend who works there and it doesn’t seem as bad as many make it seem. For where we live she makes decent money because she’s put in the time. Yes, Wal-Mart is the death of many competitors and that’s sad but if you boycott them, you should also boycott Amazon lol. I guess I don’t fully understand why people be hating on the Wal-Mart so. I mean you can explain it to me if you’d like but don’t expect me to follow suit.

Anyways, this week I did price match. I sometimes do and sometimes I don’t. I love that if I choose not to take the time that savings catcher will catch any brand name product sales. The problem is I buy a lot of generics, I am not brand loyal. I do prefer Heinz ketchup but Great Value’s ketchup is ok. I like GV ketchup better than Hunt’s and Western Family. This week, I price matched 3 packages of meat, my 2 bottles of soft soap (the sale at a competitor put it lower than the store branded soap and I actually hate the handle on the soap bottle, believe it or not). I didn’t shop Costco so I am not sure if the soap was a better value but I think Costco’s is like $10 for 2 bottles? One of these days I will truly start that price book. I sit down to do it but then get bored and think to myself “I will do this later this is so boring!” It feels too much like work. I get so ADD with these posts, I am sorry so as I was saying, I price matched my meat, my soap, my milk ($1.99/Gal.!), my halos, my grapes, and my blueberries. Every time I price match I have a few mishaps. This time, I forgot to price match my muffins and lost out on $2 of savings and I misplaced my ads I think I accidentally left them at the store so I don’t think I can go to CS to fix it without the ads. Also, I got my numbers transposed on the apples and missed out on savings. See ORGANIC Galas are on sale this week at a competitor for $1.47 but I paid $1.74 a lb. for the regular. I don’t know if Wal-Mart even has organic galas, anyways. I don’t eat Organic, mainly due to costs and I’m sorry but there’s not enough proof for me that people who eat only organic are healthier than people who don’t. When I price match, I usually make a list of the deals seperate from my shopping list and sort of use both as I shop I keep switching lists, it works for me better than when I only put the deals on my list. As I create my deals list for price matching, I seperate the items into categories and try and prioritize with the items I want most on top in each category. For example, in the meat section there were bone-in steaks and another steak deal where the steak was $7.99/lb I put those 2 at the bottom because I prefer boneless steaks and the petite sirloins were the cheapest steaks on ad match this week. This week, I looked for inexpensive treats for my son. He’s sort of been dieting with us and he is so skinny he does not need to diet so this week I got treats for him and I doubt I will be tempted by anything except the muffins. I lovvvvveee muffins!

I had bought some belts and a birthday gift for my son so if I deduct those from my total my groceries cost around $141.00 we really struggle to cut costs at the store and this is probably the lowest total I have had in a long time! I was lucky we didn’t need Clorox wipes, TP, and some other personal care type items this week that can easily bring our total up. Next week I will for sure need cat food. It was on ad match this week, but Wal-Mart’s price was a few cents lower so why buy something we don’t yet truly need?!


Eventually I want to share some of my money saving tips for my readers, right now I can’t think of enough to make an entire post but one thing I do to save money is buy those clear disposable cups you can see in my photos (“Party Cups”) instead of the red ones, it saves a lot of money. Costco’s red cups may be a better value, I need to eventually look at the unit prices together but if you are only shopping at Wal-Mart look for these clear cups. The only drawback is they are a little more slick as they don’t have any grips to help your hand hold onto them but I just grip them very firmly and even my 7 year old has never dropped one yet (knock on wood)! I also think only shopping Wal-Mart is way better for my wallet than when I go to Costco. I need Costco for good quality meat and certain produce and even though, I know their milk is more costly I still almost always grab it because I know buying 2 bottles of milk eats up cart space when I am at Wal-Mart. Now bottled water is about a $1 cheaper a case at costco right now and their trash bags are the best price in town.


Well this is all for Grocery Spy today, I hope you enjoyed it!


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