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Firefly Jars and Puffy Paint Review

I saw some posts on Pinterest about making firefly jars but they didn’t go into much detail all I got from those posts I read (several) was to use a jar and some glow paints. I also read Tulip brand makes a paint that recharges and I read to make sure whatever brand you buy states that it recharges. Now, you can also get this effect by using glow sticks and cutting a glow stick and then putting the lid on the jar tightly and shaking it up. I personally prefer the idea of using paint.

What I used – multipack of glow puffy paint from Wal-Mart $10.99

2 Classico Pasta Sauce Jars washed and labels removed

2 Canning Jars

(I also recommend using: Bamboo Skewers for Kabobs)

Now I first did this project with my son and a female friend of his. I thought she’d be excited but I think my son was more excited I gather she’s not that into crafts. She just wanted to sword fight with his light sabre and his mine craft foam sword and play nerf gun battles outside. Anyways, she did an amazing job on her jar … my sons jar has much to be desired just like a bot he blobbed hug globs of paint everywhere. Her she did a pattern at the bottom and then “random fireflys flying” towards the top. I wished I’d have gotten a photo of hers but I did not. At first we tried some pasta sauce jars I had washed and also I removed the excess labels using WD-40 and rubbing alcohol (Wd-40 then used alcohol then repeated 1x more). We tried to paint the insides of these and had a lot of trouble. I had thought the bottles to the paint might be long enough to reach the bottom of the pasta sauce jars but they weren’t so if you plan to re-use a food jar I’d suggest either painting the outside or using a bamboo skewer meant for making kabobs and blobbing paint on your skewer then transferring to the inside of the jar. Another option is to use a canning jar. I personally do not can, I prefer to just buy store bought jellies and jams but I had received some jams for Christmas and had 2 leftover canning jars. I do intend to buy some more to give back to the lady who had made me jams as I know she likes to re-use her jars and likes getting them back. Anyways, the canning jars (click here to buy some off of Amazon) worked a lot better as the opening was wider and the jar was shorter so were able to paint the insides of them wonderfully. Sadly, I had no lids only the rings because I know you aren’t supposed to reuse lids (only rings). I will post some links here for glow paint, Wal-Mart also has these FolkArt Paints (click here) but my Wal-mMart only had regular glow in the dark and yellow, they did not have this green like Amazon has. Amazon also has this paint by DecoArt (click here).  Both of these paints from Amazon would require the use of either a small paintbrush (“Ant Man” if you’re familiar with Paint Nite) or the use of a bamboo skewer for kabobs (or both!). Next, I plan to stop today hopefully at habitat for humanity re-store and check out their glassware they usually have some with cool designs and I think now that we have this down we can make them look really cool. If habitat doesn’t have anything today I will see what the dollar store has. Since the dollar store is next to Michael’s I might see if the tees are on sale and get some to paint. They almost always have a sale on their plain tees but with my luck they won’t be on sale today. If that’s the case, I will just wait for another sale. 😉


I mentioned I’d review the puffy paint, these paints worked great I just wish they had another green and less of the pinks/purples but it came with 2 free regular glow in the dark paints and these are a great value for $10.99! I would have probably gotten less of a value had I stopped at Michael’s first. One thing I’ve learned is to hit Wal-Marts craft department first and if they don’t have what you need then go to Michael’s or your other local craft shop. I learned that lesson with my chalkboard paint when making the message board DIY.


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