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Grocery Spy Series – Week #2


This week (it actually was on 2/10/17, if I recall correctly) I was in a rush to get all my shopping done before my son was released from school at 1:15, as they get out early here every Friday. I hit Costco first (pictured) and Wal-Mart second. Unfortunately, I barely got done shopping and putting away my perishables in time to pick my son up from school so there are no photos from my trip to Wal-Mart. I believe my total was about $260, which is really high. I was hoping during my 2/18/17 trip to the store I could make up for the cost by saving money but my husband insisted on coming along and that usually doubles my total, as it did. No photos for week#3 my entire family went to Wal-Mart only and spent $280.00 plus prior to my family Wal-Mart shopping trip, I had spent just under $22 on snacks from NatureBox (online). I told my husband this upcoming week I will be shopping completely alone to save money it will be a bare bones shopping trip, only for essentials to feed and groom the family.

By the way, Costco had those Sargento Balanced Breaks you see pictured, and I am a huge fan they are so tasty! They are a great healthy option for an on the go snack that I can just grab on my way out the door.


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