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Childrens’ Birthday Party Planning

I am in the planning stage of my son’s 8th birthday party. So far, for his birthday we have done a party at a nearby park, a family only birthday trip to Las Vegas where we took him to Circus Circus’ amusement park (The Adventuredome), as well as to the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. Last year, we took him to the House of Jump (trampoline park). When we’ve hosted the kid parties at the park and at the house of jump, our turnouts weren’t great. Unfortunately the iron man usually comes here for mother’s day weekend (my son was born on mother’s day 2009). The year we held his party at the park only 4 or 5 kids showed up and I had spent quite a bit of money to reserve the park and on decorations. At the time, it cost $50 to reserve the pavilion I wanted at the park. When I hosted the party at the trampoline park the smallest party was like $175 if I recall correctly and I think 7 kids were in attendance. If anything would motivate kids and parents to attend a party it would be having it at a fun venue. This year, my Dad will be in town close to my son’s birthday and he has no filter whatsoever he says a lot of things without thinking, which is not great around kids. I feel like he is sort of a loose cannon, his date range of when he’s coming is vague at best because he is traveling by greyhound bus this year in an attempt to see parts of the country he hasn’t seen before. He gave me a very broad range of dates, so much of May is lost due to that and the weekend before he arrives we are planning a camping trip. So that leaves the 2 weekends before my camping trip as options, my son’s birthday party will be prior to his actual birthday by several weeks. I cannot do it after my Dad’s trip as school lets out at the end of May and I don’t have the phone numbers of too many of his friends I only have the number to the parents of 6 friends, not to mention the first several weeks of Summer vaca are hectic for many.


Due to the date restrictions and my recent career changes (I recently chose to cut my hours in half by changing positions at the company I work for), we are opting for a budget friendly party at home. I have a few challenges to work around 1. small size of my town home and back yard 2. we cannot do a sleepover as most of my son’s best friends are little girls, he just prefers to spend his time with little girls and who can blame him?! Girls are awesome. My son has 2 male best friends and 4 or 5 good female friends. I thought about doing a party where the boys could stay the night and the little girls’ parents pick them up around 8 PM to take them home, but that seemed unfair. Many of the little girls might not understand why and their feelings could be hurt. Of course I could just invite the 2 boys for a sleepover, but I know my son hopes for a large party.

This year he wants a Yo Kai Watch themed party. Now I am not good at making pretty desserts, it’s not something that really calls to me. I love the way the pretty fondant cakes look but it seems like a lot of practice and hardwork, it doesn’t seem like something I’d enjoy.

I am debating about ordering cupcakes with rings from Wal-Mart, making design your own cupcakes at home (party guests can use whatever sprinkles they like to decorate them), or just making a sheet or round cake at home and buying Yo Kai Watch cake toppers online.


I did also see an idea that looked easy I could make a round cake and decorate it like a Yo Kai Watch:


I found these cake images by doing an image search on Yahoo, I believe I could easily achieve a similar looking cake without the use of fondant either by using colored frosting or by using colored sprinkles or even maybe using M&M’s or skittles.

The next step is planning games I mentioned my challenge about my small house and yard size, this eliminates many fun games but there’s still a ton of options we can do art projects and minute to win it style games.

As for invitations, I am thinking about using these Jamboree birthday invitations from Amazon or these Rainbow party invitations from Amazon


Simply because I can’t find an inexpensive Yo Kai Watch invitation. I’d make my own, but my printer has been majorly on the fritz lately! Until I buy a new one I know that I can’t count on it to do anything.


Since past kid party turn outs weren’t great (4-7 kids) I feel an at home party would be more worth my money. I can plan fun activities and maybe the kids will enjoy the party as much or even more than at a fancy venue like the trampoline arena or the local pool, etc.


I’m hoping to edit this post later once I start deciding on party games. I may even make a separate post on games for small space living.


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