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Grocery Spy Series – Week #1

I thought I might share with you my groceries for the week. I hope to do this regularly I will call it “Grocery Spy.” I already know my family spends a lot on food, I am definitely open to ways to cut it down more. My goal is to spend $150.00 or less each week. (Please bear in mind that we rarely eat out at restaurants, I don’t have a Starbuck’s habit, my son takes his lunch to school most days….so my high total is because we eat a lot of food at home or from home packed to-go!) Now to my knowledge, we have no stores here that do double or triple couponing. Not even 1 special day a week (Growing up in Maine, Shaw’s did double couponing only on Tuesdays, if memory serves.) This week I did return some items I had bought a week or so ago that weren’t working out so I got $20.00 from my returns, which I will deduct from my totals for the week.

$145.00ish Wal-Mart
$16.00ish local butcher (I had a BOGO special took off $4)

-$20.00 returns
$125.16.00 (below my goal of $150.00, yay!)

At Wal-Mart today I spent around $145.00 I will post photos of what all I got there. It’s not all food I spent around $15.00 to buy 2 lunchboxes. One of them is made of ice packs and can be frozen so it cost $10 and the other was $4.50
This week hubby is making his homemade healthier Italian sausage. So I bought some pork, steak, and spices for that. I didn’t have any Parsley and he uses about a cup in the sausage. I also used some of the other seasonings up in a batch of dry ranch mix that I made.

I spent $16 at the butcher I got 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts and I got 3 HUGE links of mild Italian sausage to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

In conclusion constructive criticism is fine, I would love to hear your thoughts on ways I can improve. I will say, I am starting a new diet so certain alternatives containing high fructose corn syrup, Olean, and white breads are out at least until I get into better physical shape. I am “pre-diabetic” so I am trying to get myself into a lifestyle where I am feeling more satisfied from my food. Right now I ALWAYS feel hungry and I think it is because of all that crud I’ve been putting into my body. I tried to read labels today, I may have missed a HFCS here or there. I didn’t look at Chobani I was going off of a list I had for items that are HFCS, and Chobani was on there.


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