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Review of Silicone Popsicle Molds

In this post, I am going to review a set of 6 silicone Popsicle molds that I purchased off of Amazon. These molds are value priced and I bought them for just under $5 the catch is that they are an add-on item you must add them to an order of $25.00+ I had added them to my wishlist and purchased them when I purchased my printer ink. Prime eligible molds cost about $13.00 so waiting to buy these was a no-brainer, and I like them so much I have plans to buy another set soon! 

What do I use these molds for? So far I have only made pudding pops. I first purchased a set of Jello brand molds that broke the first use. I normally read reviews before buying most items but in this case the Jello brand molds were an impulse buy at the grocery store when my son had begged me for them. After returning those molds, I read reviews of that product that suggested buyers purchase silicone molds. There are some sets that come with a clear plastic stand, I did not buy a stand. Instead, I had seen a picture where someone shoved them in between the wire racks but I recommend not leaving them there for more than an hour or 2 as several days later they were almost impossible to remove. Comical visual: the three of us each took turns trying to pull them from the slats. My husband got them out. He is our hero, pretty much regularly. In fact, it goes to his head he seems to think I would be dead in a gutter without him. Pfft. Right. I will say his helpfulness really is appreciated. You will notice in the picture I posted above the purple one has a popsicle frozen inside and the yellow one is one that I cleaned up post-Popsicle.

2/3/17 Update – These are great for pouring any leftover smoothie and making smoothie pops. I did this last night and it was delish! My smoothie consisted of Apple juice, strawberry yogurt, and overly ripe bananas. 🙂


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