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Bulletin Board DIY

Last weekend was cold and rainy, living in Southern Utah’s desert climate we’re fortunate enough to not see snow very often. This winter has been a wet winter, we’ve had a lot of rain.

I went to our local Habitat For Humanity ReStore, I love shopping there as the proceeds go to something meaningful. While I was there I found a bunch of bins of unfinished wood items. I rifled through the bins and found a few cute things. I picked up 3 small (Easter) bunny boxes and this wooden bulletin board.

I thought this would be a fun low cost project, and it could have been but I wanted to try using chalkboard paint… which now I know I am not a fan! We will get to that but first here are my supplies:

The bulletin board itself was $3.50. The cute little notepad has a magnet on the back, it fits perfectly in the pockets of my bulletin board. It is even cuter in person. Initially I was going to use a mini spiral memo pad, and that would have cut my costs, as this cute notepad was $3 from Wal-Mart (In my costs, I round to the closest dollar). The chalkboard paint, also from Wal-Mart was $9 After I did one coat I decided to try a different chalkboard pain (not pictured) from Michael’s it was a Martha Stewart chalkboard pain and it was $6.99 The little clothespins were from Wal-Mart they were $1.50. I had hit Dollar Tree first, the manager Pat told me that they usually carry them but that morning they only had one left and by the time I arrived it had sold. Since I didn’t want to wait I paid an extra 50 cents. The chalkboard markers were from Ross Dress For Less and were $6. Any and all other supplies I used were things I had on hand (duct tape, string, tacks).

This project got expensive quick and had I known I wouldn’t like chalkboard paint, I would have just used regular black acryllic paint, which I have on hand already.

You see all these posts where people use chalkboard paint, so I assumed I’d like it. I did not because mine did not dry with a matte finish. It does not resemble a chalkboard at all! The Martha Stewart paint claimed to be multi-surface paint. You would think it would work on wood. The paint coated and dried just fine but as I stated already the biggest issue was that it did not look like a chalkboard once dry. If I can locate my receipts, I will see if Wal-Mart and Michael’s will allow me to return the paints. I also did not like my chalk markers. I had never used them before but I assumed it would be sharpie-like but instead mine was a waxy crayon-like writing instrument and as I wrote it kind of clumped and made blobs. I am not sure if all of them are like this since I’d never used a chalk marker before. I plan to attempt to return these as well due to my dis-satisfaction.

Also learn from a mistake I made during my project. As I painted close to the cork I had forgotten to tape my cork and I accidentally painted on it. Had I have taped the cork before I started, my board would have turned out nicer. I am still really happy with it! Here’s the finished product:

Overall, I am very happy with it. I found the perfect spot as you turn to the right of my entry I have a small section of wall in the hall where I have my doorbell up high and my thermostat in the middle. I have never hung anything there but this bulletin board fit perfectly to the left of my thermostat.



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