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Dining Area Gallery Wall


I had seen gallery walls on Pinterest and on other blogs and I wanted one for my home. I’ve seen articles on how to place the pictures strategically. But I’m an abstract no-rules kind of person so when making mine, I decided to just wing it. My husband told me that initially, it looked “off” so I added 2 more nails and hung 2 more things and then he gave it a thumbs up. I like to change out a few photos/decorations with each season.


My rooster was from Zulily, I love my rooster, I just wish he would lay flat against my wall.

Above, you can see how my gallery wall was decorated right after Christmas, before New Years. I loved that New Year decoration I painted (top, left) but it was really flimsy and broke when I was putting it away into it’s tote for storage. Several pieces broke and I don’t think gluing was an option.

The Big Red tomato picture is from Nordstrom’s

I’d like to tell you each piece tells a story, that’s not factual but this piece shown above does. I was going to make coffee stirrer art seen on Pinterest but I saw these wood squares at Michael’s and made this picture by painting the squares and gluing them to an old frame. A few of the squares were colored in crayon by my son.

This piece also tells a story (above). My husband saw the printable I hung that says “All You Need is Cake,” and it made him think of the video game Portal II so he asked me to find a printable that says “The cake is a lie.” I’ve never played the game but I guess players are promised cake at the end and when you get to the end there’s a wall that says “The cake is a lie.” My husband and son both play this game so this printable it meaningful to them.

I wish I could give you links for all the (5) printables, I printed them out before my blog and didn’t copy down the info from where I got them, I got them by searching Pinterest. If anyone knows where I got the printables, let me know as I’d love to give credit to the artists.


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